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Delivery orders taken from 6pm to 11pm, every day.
We deliver to Portsea, Sorrento and Blairgowrie neighbourhoods.

Minimum order $30

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3760 Point Nepean Road, Portsea

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Claypots at Portsea

The Claypots Southern Star Pop Up restaurant brings Claypot's world class seafood dishes to Portsea. Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day until the seafood runs out.


midday till the fish run out

Grilled King Prawns in the Shell $25
Bread and Fish with Lettuce, Sumac Onions, Trevally Fillet in a Turkish Bread Roll $10
Taco of Trevally Ceviche $10
Kids Meal $8
Cajun Flathead with Crushed Potatoes $35
Grilled Calamari $25
Mornington Mussels with Coriander and Ginger $15
Sambal Stingray $10
Octopus Shashlik $15
Cuttlefish Pintxo with Chili Squid Ink $10
Grilled King Fish Cutlet $25
Vietnamese Prawn and Noodle Salad $15
Greek Salad with Olive Jam and Horseradish Dressing $8


Turtle Beans $4
Pan alla Catalana $4
Semi-Dry Olives $4
Buffalo Feta $4



South Melbourne Market Muesli of Dried Fruit and Nuts served with Apples, Strawberries and Yoghurt, blended by Rita $10
Shaksuka, free range Eggs in Tomato and Pepper Sugo with Basil $15
Black Breakfast of Fried Eggs, Bacon, Turtle Beans and Black Pudding $20
Haloumi, Basil, Tomato with Sourdough Rye $12
The Kleopatra Plate of Rose Petal Jam, Goats Feta Cheese, Semi Dry Olives, Pan alla Catalana, Fruits and Yoghurt $20


Rose Petal Jam $4
Bacon $4
Black Pudding $4
Yoghurt $4
Sourdough Rye $4